Tilted Brim

Pamplemousse Magazine -- Issue #5

A publication about film photography and the folks who shoot it.

A real-life magazine you can hold in your hands, flip through, and gain inspiration from.

Founded and edited by Nora LallePamplemousse Magazine is published in print quarterly and is available as a subscription and in person at shops around the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Tilted Brim is proud to be a stockist!

93 pages, perfect bound, full color. 

dimensions: 8.5 x 11"

see more: @pamplemousse.magazine


Pamplemousse Magazine is a powerful voice in the film photography community, highlighting the work of up-and-coming and established photographers through photo features, essays, and interviews. The goal of Pamplemousse Magazine is to provide a platform for photographers and analog artists to share their work in print, and create something beautiful and inspiring for readers to hold in their hands.

Pamplemousse Magazine is for anyone and everyone who loves photography & art. It is a true periodical. Something that you look through, live with, cut up, give away, or even recycle. Put it in the bathroom or on your coffee table. Break the ice at a social gathering. Take some time away from screens and enjoy the beauty of print.