Tilted Brim

Picasso 1-of-1 Rugby: Small -- oatmeal


Rugby shirts are back in FULL FORCE, didn't you know? We went all out to make a special one, marrying art and sport.

This is a heavyweight, classic fit joint with rubber buttons and twill collar. Knit cuffs, straight hem.
These shirts are truly 1-of-1 and each one is different, as each single one is composed of different patterns and colors.

100% cotton and made in USA. Minimal shrinkage when washed.

The made-by-hand chainstitch embroidery at left chest makes it extra saucy. See more by our friend, Justin Gallagher on his IG: @chainstitchbyjustin

We've heard some customers say, "I love this rugby shirt, but I don't know how to wear it." But it's easy! Think of it like a hoodie: a layering piece. Pair it with a polo or an oxford underneath. Try it with army jacket or a chore coat on top. Or let it shine in all its splendor with some crisp denim or chinos and a pair of understated sneakers.

Whatever you do, have fun with it -- just be prepared for people checkin' your fresh!

Color: multi.