Tilted Brim

Varsity Cardigan 1-of-1 size large


Each Fall/Winter season since we launched Tilted Brim, we offer our take on the classic Varsity Jacket.

Our yearly varsity jacket reflects our tastes at the time, and highlights sartorial details we push like fit, fabric, color, and quality embroidery.

This year we decided to flip the script and take our varsity jacket sensibilities and apply them to the varsity cardigan. We set out to make the Tilted Brim version of a high school sweater from the 1950s-60s.

Patches adorn the front and back and are made from high-density chenille, chainstitch, and 2-layer felt. the "TB" varsity letters are taken from NYC B-Boy tops from the 70s -80s, and the bulldog mascot shows tenacity. 

Make no mistake, this is a heavy-duty garment that's heavier than any sweater and most of the jackets you own. It's perfectly layerable and its swagger is on a trillion.

Lastly, to make this joint extra special, we only made ONE. So it's truly 1-of-1. Don't sleep!

100% heavyweight wool, dry clean only. Made in USA!

Size: Large.

Color: Red/Gold.